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How can I place an order on the website?  

To place an order through the site you must log in with your registration, username and password in order to have access to your customer area and shopping cart.

How can I register?  

In the upper right corner, in the Registration / Login area making your data available. Any questions you have regarding the security of your data visit our Privacy Policy area.

What are the advantages of registering?  

When you register, you have a fully customized customer area where you can access your latest orders, select multiple delivery addresses and update your customer data, all automatically and without losing anything.

My order has not yet arrived.  

Firstly check our Shipping and Delivery area to confirm delivery details. If your order has not yet arrived at the address you indicated please contact our office through the contacts available.

I want to make a return.  

The deadline for possible return of material provided is 8 calendar days after the date of issue of the respective invoice.
Only refunds are accepted together with a written document stating the reason for the return.
The product must be sealed in its original packaging, intact and under the conditions in which it was supplied.
In case of product returned for exchange, charges will be charged for the 2nd delivery in the amount of € 5 + VAT regardless of the value of the invoice.

What means of payment are available?  

The means of payment available for any order made through the website / online store are, ATM reference or bank transfer available in the area of ​​Means of Payment.

Can not find the answer you wanted?  

Do not hesitate to contact us we are available to clarify any questions.