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Selling conditions

The prices indicated in this catalog are subject to VAT at the legal rate in force. Prices are subject to confirmation and may change without prior notice, and are still dependent on stock availability. Osteotech declines all responsibility for any editing errors.

The marks mentioned in this catalog are registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers or companies and their mention is only informative.

The articles presented are intended only for qualified professionals with training in dental prosthesis.

The deadline for possible return of material provided is 8 working days after the date of issue of the respective invoice.

Only refunds are accepted together with a written document stating the reason for the return.

The product must be sealed in its original packaging, intact and under the conditions in which it was supplied.

In case of product returned for exchange, charges will be charged for the 2nd delivery in the amount of € 5 + VAT regardless of the value of the invoice.