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This website belongs to the commercial company Osteotech – Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento, Lda., holder of the number of legal person and registration in the commercial register 5808-0058-5532 with the Capital of € 10,000.00, 00 euros and headquartered in Rua Cidade de Viena, No. 4 Parque industrial do Arneiro, São Julião do Tojal District: Lisbon County: Loures Parish: Santo Antão and São Julião do Tojal 2660 456 SÃO JULIÃO DO TOJAL, here in after abbreviated Osteotech.

Osteotech complies with the requirements and requirements set out in the European Directive 93/42/EC concerning the manufacture and distribution of medical devices. Osteotech devices comply with the international standards currently in place for medical device certification.

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Any content or communication sent by the user, which does not contain personal data, sent by the user via the Web page or email or any other means, containing, questions, comments, suggestions or similar, shall not be As personal data on the part of Osteotech, nor are they subject to confidentiality.

When any user submits information on the Osteotech website, at the same time, it ensures that the content shared in it is of its sole responsibility, abstaining from including defamatory or injurious content and, in general, that does not violate Any rights of Osteotech, any third party rights, or applicable law.

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The techniques and methodologies used by Osteotech are protected by intellectual property rights, and can in no case be used, copied or replicated without express prior permission from Osteotech. Any contract or contact that occurred to you does not imply, in any event, the transfer of any intellectual property rights of Osteotech. You acknowledge and agree that any and all copyright, trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights created, developed, or used by Osteotech, including its documentation, are and will remain the property of Osteotech.

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The customer may reproduce content extracts from the Osteotech website, by printing and downloading, with the purpose of disclosure to other individuals, provided that the copyright and other rights of Intellectual property, and provided that a mention of the Osteotech brand is made in all reproductions. The full or partial reproduction of the website for commercial purposes is prohibited, as well as its alteration or incorporation into any other article, publication or website.

Limited liability

All contents of the Osteotech website, namely terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy and personal data may be altered, in whole or in part and at any time by Osteotech, unilaterally and without prior notice.

With the fullest extent permitted by law, Osteotech, its guardians, collaborators, suppliers and programmers are not responsible for the accesses made by the userands to the Web page of the Osteotech.

Osteotech stage in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data of the userands, being certain that, nevertheless, the transmission of information via the Internet is not fully Safe, which means that it is not possible to guarantee the lack of security breaches of the information transmitted through this Website.