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Osteotech does not conduct 'behavioral control' of data subjects as it does not use personal data processing techniques to define the profile of a natural person and thus makes no decisions about that person based on their personal data. preferences and / or behavior.

You can always control how cookies are hosted in your browser or even remove them from the configuration options. As noted, you should be aware that changing these settings may impact the proper and full use of the company website

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with relevant information that the browser processes when a site is visited by a user. Placement of cookies helps the site to recognize the user's device (tablet, desktop, mobile phone, etc.) whenever they access this site.

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What happens if you disable the browser cookie option?

New browsers offer the option to accept or decline cookie writing. This is a global setting applied to all websites you access. If you disable the option to set cookies in your browser, you will no longer accept cookies from websites you visit.
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